Empowering entrepreneurs and idea makers

and idea makers.


Got โ€œjustโ€ a simple idea? Or a big dream?

West Shoreditch helps visionaries, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone with an itching idea

to boil down the concept, challenge the underlying premises and separate the wheat from the chaff


Test prove

your early stage idea through powerful methodology that will help you save your precious time, money and other resources



about how to lift your concept off the ground and gain valuable insights on how to turn your idea into reality during the validation process



unique value proposition of your concept and build a lean business model around it to reach its full potential and your business objectives


Got fear or doubts?

Do you feel unsure if your idea is actually a good idea at all? Feel at loss how you are going to make it happen?



Fear is one of the largest inhibitors of progress and in fact it can suffocate your ideas completely. 


Deep down you might even feel afraid of getting embarrassed if you fail. Or uneasy that someone might steal your idea once you say it out loud.

Did the reckless fear-bug make you unconsciously push many great ideas aside for long enough until you realized you gave up on them?


Make a first crucial step on your way to liberate your inner creativity and set your entrepreneurial spirit free

We can help you to ditch your fears and shed light into what is in the store for you by applying efficient and globally proven methodology and experience. Many seeds could flourish if you just knew the right amount of water and nutrition needed. And often it is not a rocket science :) 

Got a start-up?

Fine tune your operation to reach its full potential. Fast track you growth.

Leverage our consulting and advisory services in the following areas of expertise shaped by years of experience in the entrepreneurial wonderland.

brand and visual identity

capture and refine your identity to distinguish you from competition and to catch attention of your customers 



define your product/service positioning to make it stand out from competition. focus clients and ramp up traction

business abc

articulate clear and meaningful vision, mission and values that it is understandable what you stand for. why you do it?


route to market

do you sell what your customers really need? is there not only a gap in the market but also a market in the gap? 


polish your unique value proposition to sharpen up your focus and to create a viable business model around it


growth hacking

embrace best practices in growth-hacking to get you to breakeven and beyond

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